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Slavoj Žižek reads a Twine tutorial.\n\nHe reads another.\n\nHe mumbles to himself: "What the fuck is a porpentine?"\n\nHe makes a note to advance a Hegelian theory of the crystal laser goddess.\n\n[[He hacks something together.]]
He snorts and stands up.\n\nThe front door to his apartment sticks, but he pulls hard and it flies open.\n\nHe walks across the hall and knocks on the door furiously. A small man peeks out.\n\n"[[Leonard]], I need you," Slavoj Žižek yells at this man.\n\n"We have to be [[quick]], hurry, back to my [[apartment]]!"
[img[http://heylookatmygames.com/twine/z/z9.png]] \nSlavoj clicks send. Somewhere behind him, in the dark of the apartment, something makes the Mac client "email sent" noise with its mouth. \n\n//Zooop.//\n\nSlavoj Žižek owns a Windows machine.\n\n[[He turns around.]]
"Make this into a game," he says to Leonard.\n\n>The properly philosophical dimension of the study of the post-traumatic subject resides in this recognition that what appears as the brutal destruction of the subject's (narrative) substantial identity is also the moment of its birth. The post-traumatic autistic subjecet is the "living proof" that the subject cannot be identified (does not fully overlap) with the "stories it tells itself about itself," with the narrative symbolic texture of its life: when all this is taken away, something (or, rather, nothing, but a form of nothing) remains, and this something--\n\n[[He looks up.]]
<html><font size="+2"<center>Slavoj Žižek Makes A Twine Game</center></font></html>\n\nby Cameron Kunzelman \n\ncommissioned by Ian Bogost\n\n\n\n[[START]]
"Oh, you."\n\n"Yes, me."\n\n"This is [[the way it always goes]], doesn't it?"\n\n"Every time so far."\n\n"There's always [[a chance]]."
"A classic of modern storytelling," he says out loud.\n\nHe sips his [[coffee]].\n\n<<set $cafe = $cafe + 1>>
[img[http://heylookatmygames.com/twine/z/z6.png]] \n\n"Sit down, sit down," Slavoj says.\n\n"Leonard, you see those boxes--do you understand that the boxes--do you understand--"\n\nThere is a moment of aphasia. \n\n"Computers, Leonard, you understand them?"\n\nHe smiles.\n\n"The Big Other, Leonard, how beautiful it is--do you understand what I am--wait--let me [[explain]].
[img[http://heylookatmygames.com/twine/z/z5.png]] \n\nSlavoj Žižek uses [[Google]].
It is the same dream every time.\n\nLarry Bird has the ball. He passes it to Slavoj.\n\nThis is his chance. He remembers that they discussed this before in the locker room. He was always being set up for this shot.\n\nStill sleeping, Slavoj Žižek mumbles\n\n"yes, Larry, just like //Teen Wolf//."\n\n[[The ball comes toward him.]]
"My publisher calls me and she says Slavoj we need you to start becoming more technological, more willing to communicate with the youth, after all we are selling books--so I ask her what that means, and I tell her that it is easier for me to imagine the apocalypse than it is for me to imagine sitting down at a computer and making something."\n\nHe breathes.\n\n"So she says there is something called Twine and that it is easy to use--I said why, she said what do you mean--I said we need to think--not act--and she said that it was making a game, what did I think of that."\n\nHe breathes.\n\n"I asked her what toilet is big enough to flush these video games down and also I asked if it was anything like //Call of Duty// and she disappointed me. So I need you, Leonard, to help me, to program, to make it while I explain my thoughts to you and so forth."\n\n[img[http://heylookatmygames.com/twine/z/z7.png]] \n\nHe runs [[across the room]].
Leonard has never heard of Slavoj Žižek. \n\nThe man who answered the door is not named Leonard. \n\nHe has committed a crime that no one know about. He does not fully understand the implications of the crime, but that didn't stop him from booking a plane ticket under three separate aliases in order to make sure that he wouldn't be apprehended.\n\nThere had been too much turbulence on the way home, and he was sure he had been caught, that they were doing it, that he was going to be painted in the exact light that he deserved.\n\nWhen Slavoj Žižek forced him into his [[apartment]], he thought there might be trouble.
[img[http://heylookatmygames.com/twine/z/z4.png]] \n\n"Hello," Slavoj Žižek says as he answers the telephone.\n\nHe hmms and aahs and snorts a few times. The person is stern with him. You can't quite hear it. It seems very private. \n\nHe waves you away when you try to get closer.\n\nEventually the voice stops.\n\n"The damned politics," he says and he puts the phone on the table.\n\nHe walks into his [[study]].
When the smoke cleared, someone said it: a job [[well done]].
Slavoj Žižek Makes A Twine Game
Slavoj Žižek throws back the covers and stands up, leaving his bed. He glances at the bedside clock. \n\nThree o'clock in the afternoon isn't so bad.\n\n[[He leaves the room.|room]]\n\n[[He tells Lenin goodbye.|goodbye]]
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Slavoj drinks his coffee in silence.\n\nHot water and pre-ground beans given to him in a swag bag he received as part of a promotional event for a new [[t-shirt]] company.\n\nA [[rug]] retrieved from a dumpster. \n\nA copy of [[Horton Hears a Who|girl]] sits on the table.\n\n\n<<if $cafe gte 3>>[[The telephone rings.|tele]]<<else>> <<endif>>\n\n
"Make this into a game," he says to Leonard.\n\n>Such a predicament would horrify a Radical Kantian: it makes the moral value of an act dependent on thoroughly "pathological" conditions, that is, on its utterly contingent outcome--in short, when I make a difficult decision that involves an ethical deadlock, I can say only: "If I'm lucky, my present act will have been ethical!" \n\n[[He looks up.]]
Slavoj Žižek wakes with a start.\n\n[img[http://heylookatmygames.com/twine/z/z3.png]] \n\nHe kicks off the sheet.\n\n"I hate that!" he yells to no one in particular.\n\nHe stands up and hurries from the room, from the bed.\n\n"[[Coffee|coffee]]," he mumbles.\n\n<<set $cafe = 1>>
[img[http://heylookatmygames.com/twine/z/z1.png]] \n\nNo he doesn't.\n\nSlavoj sits upright in bed. Cars rumble by outside, barely muted by the bricks and drywall that separate him from the outside. \n\nHe releases [[a long sigh]].
Fred Jameson was joking about trash.\n\nSlavoj was also joking when he pulled the rug out of the dumpster.\n\n"It is plainly obvious that the ethical thing to do is to take this rug home, to rescue it, to evoke it in the face of the forces of capitalism," he had said.\n\nIt was a joke, but Fred just nodded, and the graduate students who had been following them nodded. One took out her cell phone and snapped a picture. Others wrote in notebooks. \n\nHe spoke at length holding the orange monstrosity that was covered in what looked like cat vomit and at the end of the day it was at his home, on the floor of the kitchen, smelling horrible.\n\nHe returns to his [[coffee]].\n\n<<set $cafe = $cafe + 1>>
Slavoj Žižek walks down a Parisian street.\n\nHe follows Jacques at a distance.\n\nStairwells, doors, bars, brothels, dance parties, everything a young man of wealth and stature did during the war.\n\nSlavoj follows him.\n\nThe tap tap tap of quick footsteps is barely a warning. It ends when Slavoj knocks the taller man to the ground, holds him under water, watches him end.\n\nA job [[well done]].\n\n
The company had asked him for a blurb for their new collection.\n\nHe wrote\n\n"This t-shirt is my magnum opus." \n\non the back of a conference schedule and handed it to the bearded youth who wouldn't stop talking to him.\n\nHe returns to his [[coffee]].\n\n<<set $cafe = $cafe + 1>>
Slavoj Žižek wakes up. There is a draft.\n\n[[He gets up.]]\n\n[[He tries to go back to sleep.]]
A muffled telephone rings.\n\nA while later a man's voice rises as traffic dies down.\n\nSlavoj dreams of [[basketball]].
He picks up\n\n[[The Puppet and the Dwarf|dwarf]]\n\nor\n\n[[Living in the End Times|living]]\n\nor \n\n[[The Fragile Absolute|fragile]]
[img[http://heylookatmygames.com/twine/z/z10.png]] \n\nHe snaked into bed.\n\n"Goodnight Stalin," he whispers as he snuggles into the pillow.\n\nMuch later, when he heard the wolves howling outside, Stalin began the incantation.\n\n\n>>>[[End]]
Slavoj Žižek sits down and opens his email.\n\n"Thanks but no thanks Judy...of course, of course..."\n\nAnd so on.\n\nHe reads for a long while.\n\nSearching back six months, he finds a contract.\n\n[["What is Twine?"|twine]] he asks out loud.\n\n
<html><img src="LINK"></html>
The deadline is midnight so they have to hurry. - [[ed.|variables]]
The sigh ends in a long cough. \n\nHe looks up at the ceiling.\n\n"What should I do, Lenin?" he asks. \n\nThere is a tremor of hope in his voice. Maybe today will be different than yesterday. \n\nLenin does not answer. A cold wind blows through the room.\n\n[[The draft is worse.]]
Slavoj Žižek installs Twine.\n\nHe opens a file. \n\nHe saves a file. He cannot find it again.\n\nHe opens a new file.\n\nIt is ten o'clock at night.\n\nSlavoj Žižek cannot understand [[variables]].
The air leaks in from an open window. Slavoj Žižek closes it with a soft thud.\n\nHe notices that his hand is covered in blood. The window sill is covered in blood. Outside he can see paw prints and drag marks on the ledge. \n\nIt is eight stories to the ground.\n\n[img[http://heylookatmygames.com/twine/z/z2.png]] \n\nHe wipes his hand on his shirt.\n\nSlavoj Žižek mumbles "[[coffee]]"\n\n<<set $cafe = 1>>
The study is a room with no windows. There are bookshelves lining all of the walls. They contain Slavoj Žižek books in many languages.\n\nOnce there was an exterminator who, unaware that Slavoj was Slavoj, asked if he had read all of these books.\n\n"Only two or three," Slavoj Žižek replied, "but I've read those two or three very well."\n\nThere is a [[desk with a computer on it|desk]].\n\nThere is an [[action figure|action]] on the floor.
"Make this into a game," he says to Leonard.\n\n>>Postmodern deconstructionists would probably reject such a direct reference to the Real of the 'logic of Capital' as too 'essentialist', as not taking into account the radical openness and contingeny of the struggle for hegemony. So what do we mean by it? Take the example of South Africa: of course, the end of apartheid was not directly conditioned by the objective 'logic of Capital', by Capital's universalism which tends to subvert and transgress all natural boundaries--\n\n[[He looks up.]]
"Goodbye, Slavoj Žižek," Lenin intones with the deep, commanding voice of the people. "I look forward to the day you return to this room and bed and sleep under my watchful gaze."\n\n[img[http://heylookatmygames.com/twine/z/z11.png]] \n\nThe door clicks closed.\n\n[[Lenin watches over an empty room|room]]
Slavoj Žižek sits down on the floor and picks up the action figure. He spies another and grabs it.\n\nHe clutches a ninja in his left hand and a tiny Berthold Brecht in his right.\n\nHe pitches his voice down two octaves and makes the ninja dance. He says\n\n"Socrates, you are very wrong. You can choose to be exiled!"\n\nBerthold Brecht hops up and down.\n\n"I will drink the hemlock! My sacrifice will be in the name of the polis. I will never be forgotten!"\n\nSlavoj Žižek drops the action figures.\n\nHe walks to the [[desk]].
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Alain Badiou steps from the shadows.\n\n"Slavoj, we need you this time. There isn't any other way."\n\nHe points to the moon.\n\n"Two hours?"\n\n"You know my [[answer]], Alain."\n\n
[img[http://heylookatmygames.com/twine/z/z8.png]] \n\nLeonard is gone. He had crept out while Slavoj was reading.\n\nHe curses under his breath.\n\nHe sits down and tries to make it work. He lays the books out in front of himself, holds their corners, and copies from them.\n\nHe adds, of course, and he replaces the names of older films with newer films so that the audience will understand.\n\nHe looks for [[help]].
The opposing team never has faces. They dive in front of the ball, but it travels through them, impossibly.\n\nThe ball is inches away from his fingers.\n\nFocus shifts. Now he sees him; he was there all along. \n\nAlfred Hitchcock moves quickly, violently, and takes the ball. It disintegrates. The pudgy man laughs and Slavoj is a child again.\n\nThe crowd cheers. He looks into the crowd. A spotlight travels across the wilting, writhing horde. \n\nHe sees his mother. He sees [[Tippi Hedren.]]