Click to fly.

[Construct 2, 2014]

The Sun was created out of a confluence of a few different factors. The first was that there was a "flocking" behavior plugin available for Construct 2, and I was interested in making something with it. The second was that I read an issue of the comic book Elementals from the early 1990s that featured a brilliant, beautiful "cloud cutting the sun" image on one of its final pages. These two things, together, spurred me into a full day of trying to get the sun to go down in just the right way, with the right amount of loss of light, to the right tune.

Yes, I know that the cloud goes down with the sun.

This game is one of the few times I have sought out a pre-created track to add to the game. The song is "Movie Quotes" by Sonia Pisze Piosenki from her Friends to Lovers EP This game will never be re-released in any other format because I signed a document with her production company promising that I would never make any money from it.

You can play The Sun by clicking here.