Board the boat.

[Construct 2, 2014]

On August 11, A Ship Sailed Into Port is a reflection on our habits on the internet. It puts you in the shoes of an authority figure, and it asks you make decisions that have power behind them. Papers, Please had already done this masterfully, and games like Orwell were still to come, but I think that the Sim City franchise (and the games in its genre) just as readily laid the path for Ship. It is a simulation, but it's a simulation of how difficult power is to manage responsibly. This is not something most simulators attempt to tackle, and I wish that they would.

The initial inspiration for this game was a report of a rat-infested ghost ship that was supposed to crash into the UK.

Odile Strik wrote a very kind piece about this game and other games about people trying to "make do." Maddy Myers wrote an incisive critique of it for Paste.

You can play On August 11, A Ship Sailed Into Port by clicking here.