Oh No

Click to escape Foucault.

[Construct 2, 2013]

Oh No is a game about trying to escape the historian and philosopher Michel Foucault. I, like many, enjoy his work, and I don't think I've ever quite gotten over his analysis of social systems, their material elements, and how they continually ground themselves in our minds and our media as natural. If you haven't, you should read Discipline & Punish or one of his other major texts.

You can read my original writeup about the game here.

People enjoyed this game on release, and it still receives a fair amount of traffic now. There is a funny Metafilter thread on the game, a kind blurb in The Paris Review, and a nice writeup on the Foucault News blog. Boston.com also wrote it up. There is also an official t-shirt.

You can play Oh No by clicking here.