Click to run.

[Construct 2, 2013]

Alpaca Run was created after a long car ride. Samantha Allen had already written the song, and she pitched me on making a Bit Trip-style game out of it. So we did. It is a little rough looking, and it plays in a clunky way, but much of that was on purpose. We wanted to make it feel crunchy, like a visual zine, and I think that it is a real success as far as those qualities are concerned.

This game had quite a bit of success on social media, and it still receives more traffic than you might imagine for a silly game with a silly song.

We submitted this game to IndieCade because we were told that it would be a good thing to do. The judges did not share our aesthetic sensibilities. You can read those comments here.

Joe Culp drew the backgrounds, Guy Conn did the sound mastering and recording, and Samantha Allen wrote the music and co-designed the experience with me.

You can play Alpaca Run by clicking here.