Click to dress him up.

[Construct 2, 2014]

Welcome to the Dress-Up of the Real (also known as the Zizek Dress Up Game) was inspired by a tweet from my friend Akil, who told me that it would be funny if someone made a paper doll dress-up game about Zizek where you could put him in costumes from famous films. I agreed.

While this game is not technically sophisticated, I did learn a lot of strategies for creating a paper doll, and I've applied the lessons learned here to a few projects since.

Of course, the real strength in this game is the art, and James Wragg knocked it out of the park with this game. James and I started working on another project, but we both sadly let it drop. Maybe one day.

This game received some press coverage, mostly due to the subject. Buzzfeed; Critical Theory.

You can play Welcome to the Dress-Up of the Real by clicking here.