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[Construct 2, 2013]

Catachresis was created because I wanted to make a horror game that didn't use any of the tropes of contemporary horror games. I played a huge amount of horror games in preparation for it, and I even wrote a little bit of structural analysis of horror games in order to "figure out" the genre, what I wanted to take from it, and what I wanted to leave behind.

Catachresis was my second "micro-Kickstarter," and I raised $1,324 to create it.

I made a trailer where lots of people submitted footage of them being "scared." All of these people are wonderful.

Zareen Zahra Zeero aka Anatra created the game's soundtrack and contributed to the overall tone and idea of what this world was. I cannot stress how significant her contribution was to the project. You can buy the OST here. Joe Culp did some concepting and poster work for the Kickstarter and the game proper.

Catachresis was widely covered by the gaming press. Here are some links: Kotaku; Rock Paper Shotgun; Indie Games; PopMatters; Playing the Canon.

You can play Catachresis by clicking here.