Click to break bad.

[Construct 2, 2013]

I was invited to create a short game for The Gameological Society (the games section of The AV Club) near the end of 2013 as a part of their (now defunct) yearly event where they asked game devs to reflect on big media events of the year. I bit off way, way more than I could chew by pitching a multi-level, multi-minigame adaptation of the high notes of Breaking Bad.

While I finished the game and it is (surprisingly, to me) a pretty good one, this was a classic mistake of pitching way, way above what I could complete in the time limit given and then, somehow, producing something that is unmistakably mine within the boundaries of what the contract asked of me.

I don't have a strong sense of how well this game did. The AV Club did not continue this event after 2013, sadly.

I was interviewed by the Toronto Sun about the game (on Christmas Eve?!), and I said this about it: "I think that short, quickly developed games are infinitely more interesting than the television criticism/recap culture that pervades all conversation about TV," he said. "I want to see smart little games about lots of TV shows (a Curb Your Enthusiasm game would make my year), but I would rather see games learning from TV shows. I want a game that finds the tone of Seinfeld or the strangeness of Lost."

You can play Breaking Bad by clicking here.