Released: Catachresis

I’ve released the game that I kickstarted recently. I’ve been tweeting about “Way Too Scary” for a couple months, and I can proudly say that it has a slightly better name now: Catachresis: A Way Too Scary Game.  You can play the game here. You can view the press kit for the game here. There are […]

Alpaca Run

So I released Alpaca Run the other day. posted it, Gamervescent covered it, an alpaca enthusiast talked about it on Youtube, and RPS posted it. It was also a Game of the Day at The Border House. Also, The Gameological Society covered it. It is a fun!


Funeral has been released. You can check it out on the Games page. Also, you can get the OST for the game here


So this is the launch of the place where I put games that I make. That’s the only real content I have here. I will update the News section when I post a new game, so you can RSS this if you want to. I blog at this cage is worms